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  1. How to register as a supplier for Stationeries, Furniture, Vehicles services, Electrical items, office items(computers, photocopy machines & papers ,Printers, Digital Cameras etc…)?
    We Advertise notices in general news papers, and you fill the supplier registration form and make the necessary payment to relevant office
    Registration form is available in our download page

  2. Where the all contract’s bill payments can be obtained?
    After checking of bills at Divisional Engineering offices, forward those to Director of Building office in Badulla
    Payment will be done in accordance with contract agreement.

  3. How to obtain tender documents (Health, Education & Other) for contracts advertised in news papers?
    Contact relevant Divisional office to receive documents.
    Divisional offices are,

  4. How to obtain construction related test reports for Road Projects/Irrigation Projects/Building Projects/Water Treatment Plant Projects?
    All the Quality controlling activities of Road projects, Irrigation projects, Building projects within the Uva Provincial Council are done by this institution. In addition to that, Quality controlling activities of the projects handled by the private sector within the province or outside the province are done under permission. payments should be done according to the estimates for all this services. For the private sector, Field visits and relevant Tests are done after paying money.
    For more details, Visit the relevant Laboratory page. Contact Laboratory Engineer D.M.L Wijebandara through 0718009580
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